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Find the answers to several common questions about dryer vent services and our business by reading our FAQs below.

A dirty or poorly installed vent system can be a serious fire hazard. It will also cost you time and money. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 dryer related fires occur each year

Why should I worry about my dryer vent?

This depends on several factors: how much laundry you do, if you have pets that shed hair, if your dryer vent is long and/or has several turns in it, etc.  As a general rule, manufacturers recommend an annual cleaning for family homes.  It needs to be maintained for proper operation of the clothes dryer.


How often should I clean my vent?

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How do you clean the dryer vent?

How long does it take to clean the dryer vent?

Dryer vent cleaning is done with specialized equipment to clean the entire length of the dryer vent.  We use a high pressure "jet-snake" system for some applications.

Typically, residential dryer vent cleaning takes about 45 minutes but some situations may take longer.

Do you install new dryer vents?

Yes. We use professional-grade metal venting for our dryer vent installation work whenever possible.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. If two or more people coordinate scheduling together in the same day and in the same neighborhood we are happy to offer you a discount. The more people to schedule a vent cleaning service, the better the discount.


If you live in a condo or housing development we are able to offer great rates if the whole complex decides to have their vents serviced. This is often best coordinated through the homeowners' association or management agency.

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