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100% guaranteed dryer service

The experienced technicians at Amerovent Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialists are confident in their work and strive to provide total customer satisfaction. Whether you have a commercial or a residential dryer, they guarantee any work they do.

- Your clothes are still wet and the dryer is hot after 1 cycle

- Does your dryer get hot to the touch on top surface or doesn't heat up at all?

- Lint appears on the front AND back of the lint screen

- Moisture starts to build up on the inside of the door

- The dryer drum turns a blue-green color (which indicates a lint build-up in the vent system)

- Unhook the connection from your exhaust vent and compare drying times. This can indicate if you have a clogged or blocked dryer vent on your hands

Dryer warning signs to look out for:

Ensuring that your dryer ventilation system is always flowing clearly can reduce the chances of dangerous dryer fires. Dryers are often vented long distances in homes, condos and apartments, increasing the risk of build-up and clogs. If your dryer is taking longer than it used to or running hotter, you may have a problem.


Proper cleaning and maintenance not only reduces the risk of fire but can save you money on electric bills and heating element replacements and repairs.

Why service your dryer?

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Property management services

Maintaining the safety of your tenants is the biggest responsibility of a property manager. Let Amerovent Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialists shoulder some of that responsibility with safe, affordable dryer vent cleanings for any size building, from single story homes to skyscrapers. We guarantee our work 100%.


- Free estimates and proposals

- Multi-unit discounts

- Dryer vent system education for tenants

- Detailed proposals that include vent system information and professional solutions

An efficient, effective process

Amerovent Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialists' technicians will gain access to the dryer room and the vent system exit, and will then:


- Check the dryer's airflow

- Clean any lint build-up under the lint screen, as well as the screen itself

- Clean hard to reach or forgotten areas

- Ensure that the connection behind the dryer is fire-rated material

- Clean lint from the connection and detach it from the dryer and wall pipe

- Using specialized tools, remove lint build-up or clogs from the pipe all the way to the vent exit

- Clear any build-up and blockage at the vent exit and hood vent

- Re-attach and secure all connections

- Clean and disinfect the floor area and the appliances, leaving everything clean and neat

- Re-check the dryer to ensure proper air flow